Delonte West.

The redemption of Delonte West


Every summer you hear about a veteran trying to play his way back into the NBA after squandering his opportunities, and knowing that summer league is all about rookies getting acclimated to the rigors  of the NBA game, you realize, most certainly, that these vets are wasting their time.

After all if they can play or contribute in any way to an NBA team, they would have had a contract or at least their agent would be talking to teams behind the scene while they trained somewhere privately, leaving summer league to the rookies and other guys trying to keep that NBA dream alive.

West can help a team win but his numerous antics, as detailed by Haglund, have landed him here. There are some players with marginal talent, like Kevin Ollie, who can carve out an 11 year NBA career because of their “high character” and there are equally some talented players who ruin their careers due to an adverse attitude. West falls into the latter category. It seems he may have a ‘Jordan like’ attitude coupled with role player talent, which may be deemed as a poor bargaining chip. Basically he is as competitive edge but not his talent according to the Haglund story.

However i personally do love a comeback story, especially a scenario where a player hasn’t committed murder, stolen anything or is an outright criminal. West had his troubles transporting guns but they were legally his, and his crime may have been in the way he was transporting them. What I like about west is that he isn’t too flashy and he always try to make the right play. If he can latch on to the Clippers I believe he can help them.

He is now married and recently became a father, let’s hope that he is in a better place  now, mentally, and he can put that unfortunate rumor, that soured his Cleveland days behind him.    At least he is saying the right things.

“It’s already been a success,” West told NBA Hang time Blog. “I got an opportunity to put a jersey on and be back in the fraternity. The chance to get up there and get some NBA bump, hey, anytime yo  u’ve got a jersey on – it don’t matter who you’re playing for – you’re there. You’ve got a Clippers jersey on.

“This is big for me and my family. We’re going to celebrate. It’s one step to more steps.”

As we follow sports we rely on the media to give us a glimpse of what players are like  however sometimes we have to remember that this is just a small, sometimes creative, scope of what someone’s life is about and whatever it is that we have read or seen doesn’t really define them for the rest of their lives.