Derick Rose says it’s not his job to recruit


Espn reports that  Derick Rose says “it is not his job” to help recruit Carmelo Anthony or any other free agents to the Bulls.

While this may be true, he is essentially paid to play, as the point guard and franchise player he represents the Bulls so it may be wise to have a hand in recruiting or at least show that he is invested in what the organisation is doing even if he does indeed trust them completely to do their job.

The point guard is meant to be the coach on the court, the one who calls the plays, recognize trends or defensive sets. If you are to lead your team mates in battle you must prove you are deserving of their respect, on and off the court.

Everyone knows this team belongs to Rose. So any free agent that turns up and signs with the Bulls may feel put out if Rose doesn’t at least welcome them in some feasible manner, before they sign.

He may have been asked a direct question by Yahoo, who first reported the story, but his attitude isn’t very welcoming when he says “If they want to come they can come” even though he did say he thinks he can play with Anthony.

I don’t think Anthony belongs on the same team with Rose. Rose likes to score the ball, at the detriment of other team mates, and so does Anthony.

If Rose was a more inclusive point guard maybe they can work together but as it stands Bulls need to chase  Carmelo and sign him and then trade Rose, who has had two devastating knee injuries within the last three years or just stick with Rose and find him team mates who will have no problem deferring to him.

Carmelo has previously played with another high scoring guard, Allen Iverson, albeit at the tail end of his career, and that did not end in championships for the Denver Nuggets, where they played with a “he gets his, I get mine ” type of attitude, meaning they both get enough shots to meet their satisfaction instead of focusing on winning the game.


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