If you want a unique opinion on all things basketball, from high school to the NBA you have come to the right place where I will pull no punches as I deliver hard and heavy opinions, garnered through 15 intensive years of being a fan of everything NBA or college basketball, division one.

When you truly love something you can see all the pros and cons and your eyes are open to all the angles. Not promising to be 100% accurate but there will be no fence sitting here on all current subjects.

I had a professor once who told me that sports is used by governments to distract the citizens from the real issues at which I retorted that you can spend a lifetime trying to figure out the government, or going to protests, etc or you can allow yourself to be distracted by sports. It’s fum to argue about sports and death to argue about politics.

Anyway here is me living the life of being happily distracted by the sport of my choice while the country slowly deteriorates.

I am about to become a father for the first time though so that will impact on my “hobby” immensely I imagine.

Anyway thanks for reading and I look forward to amusing you greatly in the near future.


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